Emcare First Responders

Emcare Garden Route is proud to anounce that they have a new project to train young school children in lifesavings skills in first aid and so far it is a huge success. Emcare also give them practical experience in sport events where they help us with first aid on medical standby's and other events this is also a wonderful experience to learn how to deal in deferent tipe of injuries. Emcare also have qualified medical crew such as Basic life support, Intermidiate, Advance life support, Doctors and nurses on medical standby's to help. Emcare train school children from Level 1 up to level 3 in First aid and if they want to learn more we sent them for Level 5 (BAA) courses for further training and perhaps a possible jop creation.

Emcare Garden Route have also now a special events Ambulace on the events and if very nesecarry we can transport the patient to the nearest medical facility under the help of MedresQ.

Emcare First responders have done several medical standby's such as schoolrugby, Clubrugby, Hoccey, Soccer, Netball and other sports we hope that it will help them in the future and perhaps save a life of a love one or a family member.