Implementation of Emcare Gardenroute Safety System

We have trained consult to help and assist small or large companies to implement a Safety Management System. Emcare will help Companies; systematically manage the Health and Safety Elements in their work environment. Establishing a Safety Management System is to help Small or Large companies to set a process for their employees, increase the system efficiency, help to save money and to contribute to minimization of accidents.

A Safety Management System is therefore essential for ensuring the wellbeing of every person in the workplace.

Emcare Safety System consists of the following:

  Company Profile
  Risk Assessment
  Incident Investigation
  Training Records, Roles and Responsibilities
  Audit and Legal Compliance
  Management of Fire Risk Assessment and Emergency Evacuation Assessment
  Performance Monitoring and Measurements
  Document Control
  ISO 9001
  ISO 14001

The Safety System will be implemented as per company profile.